Komodo Drop

Komodo Drop is small, light weight application for Windows and Mac OS X that makes it easy and fast to upload images to SmugMug. It also allows basic management of categories, sub categories and albums. Komodo Drop is free and open source. If you find it useful please let me know or make a donation.



Komodo Drop is still beta software; however, it is stable and full featured. It is ready to use today.

Some key features include:


Download for Windows
Download for Mac OS X
Download the source code.



Drag and drop images or folders conaining images onto the target.

For more options click on the target to access the menu.


For bug reports and feature suggestion, please email me, or post on the Digital Grin Forum.

Version History

Version - May 16, 2013

Version - May 15, 2013

Version - May 14, 2008

Version - March 25, 2008

Version - September 29, 2007

Version - June 19, 2007